elba js

- What is it?

This is a pure javascript slide-show gallery, dependency-free, responsive, serving lazy loading images according to the screen size, hardware accelerated, retina ready, AMD ready, swipe/drag/touch enabled. Inspired by many sources such as:

At the moment this plugin's size is ~15.0 KB minified. It supports all the modern browsers from IE9 on.

- How to use it?

You can find this repository and its guide on the Github page.

You can have more than one instance per page, and it doesn't have to be a fullscreen gallery.

- What does Elba mean?

Elba is an island in the Mediterranean Sea. It is situated a few miles off of the tuscan coast.
Of course, it is a place that I love.
These pictures were taken either by me or by Amy E. Tanzillo.

- About the author

You can find me here.

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